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This calculator tells you the exact amount of acid needed in any pool or spa to lower pH or total alkalinity. Enter pool volume in gallons or liters, current pH, current alkalinity and desired pH and it calculates the amount of acid needed for three kinds of acid in metric or US units of measure and calculates the new alkalinity after adding the acid dose. It even considers the effects of CYA (cyanuric acid) and borate if they are used.

 This first calculator of its kind. Now you don’t need to guess at the amount of acid or what it will do to the pH and alkalinity in your pool or spa after you add it. You don’t need an Acid Demand test any longer. Plug in the desired pH you want and you get the amount of acid and the new alkalinity. Want a specific alkalinity? Input different desired pH values until you reach the alkalinity you want. Want to know what will happen if you add a specific amount of acid? Just keep changing the desired pH until the amount of acid is near the amount you want to know about. It’s easy. It’s accurate and it save time and money.

 Want to use it in the field? The Smartphone and iPhone Apps are available for $5.99.

Lowry Consulting Group LLC Pool Acid Dose Calculator

Pool Volume

Current pH Desired pH
Current Alk New Alk 0
Acid Dose Amount
Muriatic Acid 0 fl oz 0 qts
Sulfuric Acid 0 fl oz 0 qts
Dry Acid 0 fl oz 0 qts


If the Acid Dose Amount is added and the tested pH and TA of the water are not close to the expected levels, the pool volume may be wrong or the acid strength may be different.

Follow all label directions when using acid and use personal protective equipment such as eye protectors, rubber gloves, etc.

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